Q1/2021 -

Goal: Research & Development, Start Building Community

Steps: Find your target audience(s), Analyse Industry Trends and Markets, Engage with Deep fake video specialists, Release DBNK Token and List on a minimum of two cryptocurrency exchanges, Release DebunkSwap

Q2/2021 -

Goal: Prepare Marketing Campaign

Steps: Have marketing campaign complete and ready for deployment with over 100 deepfake videos currently being created specifically for this purpose,

Newsblast explaining the project ideas and dangers of deep fake videos and audio.

Q3/2021 -

Goal: Deployment of DebunkIt/IsItDebunked

Steps: Release DebunkIt App with the IsItDebunked Web App/Reports (4th July, Independence Day)

Release Newsblast with signup/referral bonuses

Q4/2021 -

Goal: Build Community/Market Analysis

Steps: Analyse market trends and continue to make changes with respect to the community requirements.

Engage further discussions to start pushing this out to school boards as a reliable source of information.



First message on Medium.

We are building a social platform that will allow us to keep information backed up on the blockchain for future generations.

Debunk(s) Token will be paid as a reward for contributions towards a Fact-based future.





IsItDebunked Ltd. are building a community based social media fact-checking system that rewards users Debunk Token $DBNK for contributions towards the system